4 forskellige case beskrivelser

Uddrag af artiklen

  • Case 1 A canine, crossbred
    Highly contaminated wounds
  • Case 2 Feline, domestic shorthair
    Severe collar wound to the left axilla
  • Case 3 Canine, German shepard dog
    Dehiscence at the site of surgery following placement of an implant one week earlier
  • Case 4 Feline, crossbred
    Heavily exuding, infected wound

The case experiences in this study suggest that the wound dressings had had a positive effect in controlling wound contamination and infection i all of these patients – all went on to heal successfully and without further complication, despcite their initial presentations. The dressings were well tolerated and easy to integrate into routine treatment.


Information om artikeln:
Managing contaminated and infected wounds
Veterinary Review July 2008

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